GET STARTED - Let's Get healthy and Stay Healthy Together


Attend Your Smart Start Appointment

This orientation appointment is the most important thing you can do to start your journey.  Together, we will assess who you are, what you like, set your goals and analyze how your body works.  More importantly, we will create a customized plan for you.

Bring A Towel & Headphones

Your goal is to get sweaty so come prepared.  Bring a sweat towel for your workouts and headphones if you prefer to workout while listening to your own personal playlist.  Our club offers many amenities to make your experience more convenient.

Take A Class & Build Your Support System

We offer over 30 live classes weekly so you can change things up any way you like.  Choose from Cross Condition, Dance Party, Power Pump, Spin, Tabata, Yoga and more. Our classes are full of real people with the same goal as you…to have fun and achieve a great workout together.

Attend Group Training Programs

You don’t know what you are missing until you give variety a try.  Check out our results driven bootcamps and specialty program options to keep you motivated.

Follow-Up with Your Personal Trainer

Whether you progress to a Kick Start Training program after your Smart Start or you go it alone for a while, follow-up with your personal trainer to stay motivated and keep track of your progress.


Office Manager
Krissy Darnall