Health. Weight Loss. Endurance. Corporate Wellness.  Try Something New.  Your goal is personal to you so we offer personalized specialty programs and services to help you achieve that goal with the support system you need. Together, we can become stronger than our excuses to live a healthier, happier, more productive life.


Training for Warriors / Cross Training

Join The Resistance & Transform Your Total Body. Speed, Strength & Endurance Training. Lose Fat, Gain Muscle & Get Healthy.

M 4:30PM; T 6PM; W 4:30PM; TH 6PM;
F 4:30PM Express Class


A revolutionary fitness system that gives you specific goals to strive for to ensure balanced, total body fitness.

Training areas: Battle Zone, Turf & Stairs

Sat 8:30AM


The fastest way to become a better athlete. Private, Semi-Private & Team Training available. Register your athlete today.

Speed School

M/W 4:30PM – EF Annex

T/TH 5:00PM – EF Battle Zone


Speed and Agility

Specialized training designed to improve agility, foot speed and overall athletic performance.  Challenging workout stations will build power, endurance and technique for any sport.

Event Training Programs

Getting ready for a 5K, Half Marathon or Tough Mudder? Customized event training programs are available upon request, contact


Strength, Battle Zone & Plyo Training
for EXTREME Results

Training area: Battle Zone & Strength Training Areas

SilverSneakersCLASS WeightLossPROGRAMS

Silver Sneakers

This senior adult program is available for senior adults ages 65+ enrolled in participating insurance programs.  Specialized classes work on range of motion, flexibility, balance & strength improvement.

Weight Loss

Lose weight, drop inches and tone your entire body.  Programs include group workouts and all the tools you need to achieve maximum results.




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